Hey You!

Have you ever felt like you’re a little lost in life? It may not be specific to your career, love or family, but just a feeling of vagueness about where you are right now.

Wanting to feel more fulfilled each day and the fact that we’re in quarantine doesn’t make it any better.

Spending even more time alone or even more time surrounded by family that you cannot get away from (no matter how much you love them) forces you to really think about your life.

You're probably asking yourself:

All of these are totally normal to wonder about at some point in your life.

And even though I’m telling you they’re “normal” concerns, that still does not make it any easier or more comfortable for you.

You have inside of you RIGHT NOW the power to answer these questions and push forward during this time.

I know it sounds cliche, but I really believe that this is true and you should too! I’ve coached hundreds of women over the past few years and find that the power we hold inside of us is often buried in our fears, doubts and past trauma.

Healing is the act of digging deep into our minds and hearts to uncover what we truly want out of life and who we want to be.


At any age, stage and circumstance of life with the right tools you can grow into who you truly are.

Natural Girls Rock is hosting a virtual online conference with hand picked speakers who will help you fill your life tool box with exactly what you need to find clarity. All of the speakers are certified life coaches with experience and background in different areas.

With 5 LIVE coaching sessions over 5 days, we are bringing together women who can guide you through a life changing community experience.

We will be guiding you to find your inner balance, passion and facing your flaws. There has never been a more important time than NOW, when the world is in disarray and day to day seems to be unstable for you to become a pillar of strength.


The “Uproot Conference” Fall 2020 will take place September 1st-5th online.


There will be a new session each night taking place at 7:00pm EST.

All group sessions will be hosted privately via video conference on Zoom. All attendees are also invited to a private Facebook group where daily free resources will be shared as well as open conversation on the day’s session. We have opened this space as an online hub of privacy and vulnerability.

What happens in the private Facebook group STAYS in the private Facebook group. Our speakers/certified life coaches will be inside the space as well to lend guidance, answer questions and support.

Each ticket purchase includes:

Access to all 5 live group sessions (LIVE attendance only)
Daily free downloads & bonuses
Extended question & answer with life coaches/speakers
Access to the sisterhood community private Facebook group