You're all over the place in your coaching business.

That stops HERE. just need a plan to know WHAT to do and exactly HOW and WHEN to do it, right?

You need a VIP Day.

VIP Days just get you there FASTER.

Imagine how it would feel to simply be more clear, energized, and organized.

When you gain these things, it increases your execution of the overall plan.

How do you know if a VIP Day is for you?


✓ You want to save time

✓ You need a strategic brain to co-partner with you

✓ You are ready to get out of thinking mode and into action mode

✓ You're an action taker, you just need a plan to ACT on

Imagine having a 90-day marketing plan mapped out and all you have to do is execute!

That's exactly what a VIP Day with me will get you. 

90-day marketing plan + signature framework = ALL IN ONE DAY

Working with me in a group program is great...

but a A VIP Day is perfect for you if you like 100% of the focus being on YOU.

We can create your ENTIRE coaching business framework in ONE DAY!

Imagine getting the 'expresso' version...

of strategizing exactly how to scale your coaching business and gaining complete clarity on what to do over the next 90 days.

Creating a signature framework is what sets you apart in the marketplace. 

Learn the 6 key components that must be in place to sustain and feed a thriving coaching business and to build your own signature framework.

What does a VIP Day with Kelly J look like?

We will use my signature P6 Coaching Formula to:


▸ Solidify your overall life & business purpose and philosophy

▸ Strategize, plan, and map out your product or service suite to increase the LTV (Lifetime value) of your clients.

▸ Examine and analyze your market to get crystal clear on who your ideal clients are and how to create messaging that attracts them to you like a magnet.

▸ Advise on the best platforms to use for your business model, personality, and overall legacy goals. This is not one size fits all.

▸ Plan, strategize, and map out your entire process from prospect to happy paying clients and raving fans.

▸ Consult and strategize on the best practices to increase your intrinsic value so as to establish you as a sought after leader in your marketplace. Marketplace POSITIONING IS EVERYTHING. Client attraction all goes back to how well you are positioned. That is why celebrities can produce just about anything and people will buy it. It all goes back to their intrinsic value and positioning.

Are you ready to get out of THINKING mode and into ACTION mode?

Complete and submit the application below to see how we can help you move the needle in your coaching business!